Concrete Remedy Deep Seal

How Concrete Remedy Deep Top Works

Concrete Remedy Top Seal is a nontoxic, non-flammable, penetrating surface sealer that completely seals and waterproofs most concrete, stamped concrete, brick, cured asphalt, stucco and sandstone surfaces. Concrete Remedy TS is effective as a sealer on surfaces which will be above or below grade. Top Seal can be used alone as a single product or it can be used in conjunction with Concrete Remedy – an internal densifier and hardener that also waterproofs and reduces vapor transmission.

Top Seal penetrates approximately 1/16th inch into concrete. Penetration rates vary according to the substrate. Concrete Remedy DS works only internally, and leaves the top 1/16th inch clean so that other coatings or adhesives or penetrating sealers will work well.

Product Advantages

Product Information

Coverage rates with Concrete Remedy TS depend on the porosity of the surface being treated. For example, concrete floors finished with a power trowel then treated with Concrete Remedy DS will use much less Concrete Remedy TS than paving stones which have never been treated with anything and have visible pores. Coverage can range from 100 to 300 square feet per U.S. gallon.

Top Seal should not be used if the surface is going to later be painted or coated over. Coatings will not stick to Top Seal without specific surface preparation.

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