How To Protect New Concrete

Because you have new, untreated concrete, you have the perfect opportunity to avoid problems with your floors. Take your time and investigate options. Sometimes folks decide to paint a floor, or apply a clear sealer or a stain. The next thing they do is go down to a big box store and buy something off the shelf. Then they have a failure of the material.

Decide Exactly what you're going to do before you act

Know What Product To Use And Why

Decide what features and performance characteristics you want and seek a product that will provide them. Every product has pros and cons. Every product is not best suited for every situation.

Know What Prep Is Required

Different types of products and ways to protect floors require different preparation steps. By deciding exactly what you are going to do before starting into preparation may save you from back-tracking and starting over or doing unnecessary work.

Know The Pros and Cons of Your Material

A product may have good stain resistance (a pro) but it gets that capability by forming a film over the surface of the concrete, which ends up making it very slick (a con).

Know What Is Needed For Maintenance

Usually sellers of products do not make clear to the consumer what has to be done for ongoing maintenance. Often it is minimized to make the product sound easy to use. For example, if a coating or sealer peels or comes up in places, the whole surface should be stripped. If you don't clean off failed coatings, the new coating sticks to the old coating and not the concrete floor.

Know Your Price vs. Cost

Everyone loves a good deal, but you get what you pay for. If you pay a little, it is going to cost you more in the long run. Usually many times more. So when it comes to coatings, paint, floor treatments for your concrete floors, do not be a "price" buyer. Instead, investigate the issue of "cost" as well.

Know Whether It Can Handle Interior & Exterior Areas

Remember to consider both interior and exterior areas. They have different exposures and many products for interior use should not be used outside. The Kennel Kit is an exception to the general rule. It can be used equally as well indoors and out of doors.

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