At Dog Kennel Flooring, there are solutions for all types of customers with all types of flooring needs. Here are three ways you can get help!

Free Consultation

We want to help the animal care community with your flooring needs & questions. Call or email to get the all the information you'll need to make informed decisions and never have to say, "I wish I'd known sooner."

DIY Options

We provide systems that have been selected and proven for ease of installation and maximum freedom from failures. You will get detailed ongoing support for every step of the process to make sure that you get professional results.


We provide installation on everything from fluid applied polyaspartic or epoxy systems, stained floors, resilient flooring and specialty safety non-slip seamless flooring. Installation services are available all over U.S.


The Kennel Kit

The Kennel Kit is perfect for DIYers and contractors. It is without question the most cost effective, easiest to do, longest lasting method to keep your floors and runs in top condition.

Deep Seal

Concrete Remedy Deep Seal is an alkali activated chemical penetrating masonry stabilizer which never needs to be reapplied. It outlasts and outperforms typical sealers.

Top Seal

Concrete Remedy Top Seal is a non film-forming, nontoxic, and non-flammable penetrating surface sealer that completely seals and waterproofs surfaces.

Stain & Seal

An easy to use system to color and protect bare concrete while avoiding the pitfalls and risk of other coloring methods. Stain floors, walls, block dividers and exterior concrete.

Epoxy Flooring

With proper prep and applications methods, an epoxy floor is the choice for long term cost effectiveness and service life. Learn about epoxy and fluid applied flooring.

Resilient Flooring

Perfect for play or grooming areas where you want some cushion for comfort & safety, resilient flooring can provide a great surface to allow some give on flooring surfaces.

What's The Best Floor?

There’s not a good “flat” answer. The truth is that it depends. There is not a one size fits all simple answer. That said, there are some things you can consider to make the best choice. 

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