How To Apply The Kennel Kit

The Concrete Remedy Kennel Solution is a simple three step process to completely take care of the concrete floors and runs of your kennel. You can view detailed instructions online or download pdfs below. Thorough instructions are also included on package labels.

Step One: Clean

The first step is to thoroughly clean and disinfect the concrete. This can be done with a garden hose and your choice of cleaner and disinfectant. You don't need to wait for the concrete to dry before moving on to Step 2, as Deep Seal can be applied to damp concrete. You cannot when there is standing water or puddles.

Warning: Remove Waterproofing Products

Concrete Remedy DS is a deep penetrating sealant and has to be able to soak into the concrete floor of your kennel. If previous waterproofers or paint prevent the penetration of DS, the old material must be removed prior to applying DS. For detailed help in removing old failed finishes/sealers visit REPAIR OLD CONCRETE.

It is important to test your kennel floor to ensure that the Concrete Remedy Kennel Solution will soak in and work to its full potential. To test, simply pour a little water on it to see if it soaks in. If it does, then Concrete Remedy DS will too and you can take advantage of all of its benefits. If the water does not soak in after a few minutes, then the concrete has probably been previously sealed.

Step Two: Apply Deep Seal

Now it's time to stabilize the concrete and fill the internal microscopic pores of the concrete with Concrete Remedy DS. It can be sprayed or even just poured on and spread around with a push broom. Concrete Remedy DS is permanent, so you'll never have to apply another coat to the slab. When it comes into contact with the alkali in the concrete it forms an aero gel that moves deep into the concrete via capillary action. When this gel dries, it sets up hard like glass inside the concrete.

Step Three: Apply Top Seal

The last step to eliminating the dangers in your dog's kennel floor! Be sure to wait till the concrete is thoroughly dry (let it dry at least 24 hours, or longer in humid climates). Now it's time to seal the surface layer of the concrete with Concrete Remedy Top Seal (TS). You apply it the same way you applied the Concrete Remedy DS. Once it's dry, your dog will be protected from bacteria, mold and mildew growth and his home will be much easier to keep clean. Concrete Remedy DS (Step 2) is best applied to damp concrete. But applying to dry concrete also works fine. DO NOT APPLY to concrete with standing water. Concrete Remedy TS (Step 3) MUST be applied on DRY concrete.

Step Four: Go Enjoy Yourself

With the time and money you are saving by using the Kennel Kit, this step really is a breeze.

Thanks to the Concrete Remedy Kennel Solution, my kennel is safer, cleaner and more comfortable!
happy customer
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